Enjoy shopping in San Luis Potosí, Quintana Roo a Sinaloa!

A shopping is a passion for everyone and even people Mexico are no exception. Although there aren´t so many classic shopping malls like in the United States, nevertheless you can enjoy perfect shopping there. A few good shopping malls can be found in the states San Luis Potosí, Quintana Roo and Sinaloa - today we are introducing to you eight of them.

Plaza Sendero, San Luis Potosí - this isn't the only one shopping mall with this name in Mexico, because it is a chain of shopping malls across the country. In addition to classic stores, also restaurants and often a bank are available in these shopping malls.

Forum Mall, Culiacan - in addition to clothing stores and pet shop this two-storey shopping mall contains also food court and of course cinema. Moreover there are 5 department stores and you can find there several dozen stores such as Aldo Conti, Calvin Klein, Mia Paluzzi or Nike.

La Gran Plaza, Cancun - this large shopping mall, in which isn't missing cinema too – after all, it is an integral part of every shopping mall. In this shopping mall you can find find favorite American department store Walmart and when you get tired, just go to Burger King and refresh yourself.

Paseo Mochis, Los Mochis - another two-storey shopping mall, which was opened in 2008 and which includes a casino and a 12-screen movie theater. Do you like stores like C & A, Maria Ferre, Kaché or Squalo? Well in that case you will be satisfied there!

La Isla, Cancun - here is definitely something for everyone! It isn't a classic shopping mall but never mind... Among the dozens of stores standing there together are stores like Prada, Zara, Victoria's Secret, Hugo Boss and Guess – you don't resist the temptation to visit them!

Flamingo Mall, Cancun - this shopping mall is ideal if you want to bring beautiful souvenirs with you from Mexico. Besides stores with "handicrafts" you will find inside some clothing stores like Le Best or Velmar.

Luxury Avenue, Cancun - this isn't just an ordinary shopping mall, this is a boutique mall! A shopping there is a real therapy. Among the many stores you can find brands like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo and Pepe Jeans.

Plaza Galerias, San Miguel – do you love shopping in stores like Kenneth Cole, Carlo Rossetti or Cherie Lenceria? So then you will love this great shopping mall!


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