Do you know these shopping malls in the Tamaulipas?

Also in Mexico there are a lot of great shopping malls, whose visit will surely pay. We hope that we have introduced you a few of them and you already caught a visit in them. Today we are continuing with this introducing and we are focusing on another Mexican State: Tamaulipas.

In the state of Tamaulipas, there are five cities where the shopping malls will surely pay: Matamoros, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Tampico and Atamira. In all these cities, you can find a lot of local small stores which are mainly focused on tourists and in which is possible to buy a various handcrafts, souvenirs, gifts and many other goods. In the whole Tamaulipas, there are situated few shopping malls which are visited primarily by locals; especially at the moment when they need to make a big purchase. Or when they want to spend the whole day with family and do the shopping together.

We have chosen three of these shopping malls for you.

Paseo Reforma - a regional indoor mall contains more than 120 stores, great restaurants and other additional services. Do you love stores like Famsa, Walmart or Innova Sport? So you will definitely like it here.

Plaza Tres Acros - another interesting shopping mall, whose visit you shouldn´t miss. There can be found stores such as C & A, Chanel or Capa de Ozono.

Plaza Covadonga – this is a modern shopping center with stores, among which everyone can find one that interests him. Maybe it could be Padre Style or Sissi Boutique.

Check the list of all shopping center in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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